By:Hamza Humayun-January 2, 2018For students who dreaded math class more than anything and often ended up flunking their math tests,
Nostradamus Predictions
By:Hamza Humayun-January 1, 2018As 2017 has ended and everyone is searching for a way to get a peek in the new year. This guy can su
By:Hamza Humayun-December 31, 2017To describe people who are irritating, arrogant and argumentative, we use the term narcissist. Norma
Bearded man
By:Hamza Humayun-December 30, 2017  “With great beard comes great responsibility” Keeping a beard is really cool and makes
coworker psychopath
By:Hamza Humayun-December 29, 2017The word Psychopath gets thrown around quite a lot sometimes but it actually has a very strict meani