Halina Khan
By:Guest-April 2, 2021By Sahar Iqbal Halina Khan famously known as HK is a Pakistani-born singer-songwriter. She hailed f
By:Guest-November 7, 2019By Anam Saqib   Every morning, as I wake up, the first thing I do is open my curtains.
By:Guest-May 26, 2019By Fareeha Jay Fasting in Ramadan means to attain taqwa, and it is asked by Allah for His believe
What to eat in ramazan
By:Guest-May 21, 2019By Fareeha Jay Ramadan is planned by Allah for us to cleanse our body and soul. Despite that, eve
By:Guest-July 15, 2018By Mehwish Akram PhD Scholar School Of Biological Sciences, PU Lahore.    
By:Guest-July 5, 2018By Hafsa Afzal   Few days back we wrote about sad dismissal of Hamid Sardar, a brilliant