It has always been a matter of great concern for men that what of their attributes can attract women. Some of the personality traits in men are natural and some are adopted to seek more attention. Generally women like men because of their kindness, sense of humor and the art of flirting indeed. But what exactly are the physical traits in men that attract women. Here is the list of 7 masculine traits that attracts women.

  1. According to a study conducted by University of California, muscular bodies of men attract women. 
  2. An Australian study shows that facial hair or a moderate level of beardedness attracts women. It gives an impression of dominance, aggression and masculinity. 
  3. A cross cultural study in 2010 found that women are attracted towards men who wear red color. Surprisingly it is the sign of status and is present since the ancient times of Romans. 
  4. Women are also attracted towards symmetrical features. Symmetry symbolizes adaptability and good health. Also the man’s facial bone structure counts a lot, therefore the defined jaw line depicts his attraction and masculinity. 
  5. Lower pitched voice of men is also liked by women. According to women men with such voice are more memorable. 
  6. Considering the physical attractiveness, eyes play a significant role. However there is a specific feature of eye that makes a man very attractive. It is the limbal ring which is the dark circle surrounding the iris. The evolutionary psychologists say that the more pronounced limbal ring defines fitness of men. 
  7. Also height in men matters a lot. Studies show that taller men are more into successful relationships than shorter men. 


These are the physical traits that attract women. However there is one thing which most important and that’s “personality”. Sometimes men have all the above mentioned traits but they lack “personality”.