Ashton Kutcher Is Not Just An Actor

Celebrities around the world engage in a lot of social work as they climb more and more onto the ladder of fame. Their name becomes a brand that works both ways; they earn money and also spread awareness for different causes. Ashton Kutcher is doing something similar. In a video that made it to social media back in 2017, he is addressing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. His emotional speech on child sexual abuse is worth watching.

The famous American actor who rose to fame through the sitcom That ’70s Show is today the  chairman and co founder of an organisation called Thorn which builds software to fight human trafficking. Their focus is to stop the sexual exploitation of children.

via India Today

More recently, it launched Spotlight, an app that assists in trafficking investigations by helping them sift through thousands of classifieds and forum posts advertising escort services from several sites.

Recently the company has launched an app called Spotlight that assists in trafficking investigations. It analyzes data to identify dubious adverts which could involve minors and juveniles.

In 2016, Thorn gave statistics on how Spotlight helped highlight more than 6,300 victims of sex trafficking in the US out of which 2000 were only children. This tool is now being used by around 780 agencies in the US.

A girl of 7 was being sexually abused for 3 years and her video has been spread on the dark web. 

During his work he has met with victims of sexual exploitation from Russia, India and Mexico etc. He goes into details of how as young as 2 year old children are engaged in such acts. During FBI raids he has seen gory things that humans are capable of doing.

“I have seen things that no person should ever see.” 

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