Arshman Naeem: A talented Young Singer

The soil of Pakistan is enriched with talent, however only a few get chance of catching limelight. Arshman Naeem is a lucky one, as his talent was spotted by his wise cousin, Nadia Omer, who gave him a proper platform in the form of a youtube channel and facebook page. Lets’ discover more about Arshman:

Your name is very beautiful. Who gave you this name and what does it mean?

Meaning of my name is Arsh ka Shahzada (Prince of heavens). My mom gave me this name.

Which city of Pakistan do you belong?

Okara city.

From what age have you been singing?

Since I was 5 years old, I have been reciting Naats in school and milaads.

Who said for the 1st time that your voice is good and you can sing?

My parents have always supported me and backed me up by praising my voice and talent.

Are you taking any music education?

No. I haven’t taken any proper music education.

In which class do you study? Are you already famous in school because of your voice?

I am a 6th grader. I am very famous in my school and in my city Okara.

Have you made a facebook account and YouTube channel by yourself? Or are u impressed with the Secret Superstar?

My Cousin Nadia Aapi made my facebook account and YouTube channel.

Do you choose songs by yourself? Or anyone guides you?

My family selects songs for me.

Who is your favorite singer?

Atif Aslam, Arjit Singh, and Sonu Nigam. I am really impressed by Atif Aslam, I am his biggest fan.

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What do your family and friends say about you?

They appreciate my talent. They have never forbidden me from following my dreams and passion.

How do you feel when everyone around praise your talent so much?

I feel so blessed Alhamdullillah.

Do you want to become a professional singer?

Singing is my passion, but professionally I want to be a doctor.

Does your city has any professional music school? Or music classes in the school?

No, my area doesn’t have any music school.

Arshman Naeem anything you want to say to your well-wishers.

I love all who loves me. Please keep supporting me.

On behalf of the team, we would like to thank both Arshman Naeem and Nadia. We hope that good-hearted people like Nadia Omer keep on discovering and paving ways for gems like Arshman. We pray that Arshman’s all dreams come true. Good Luck Arshman 🙂