Armeena Khan Taking PRACTICAL Steps towards Syria And We’re Loving It!

We take it as our birth right to criticise celebrities or infringe in their personal life or be judgemental about whatever they do. We are so much fine with giving them Fatwa of being non-Muslim.

However, the most impressive tweet I have come across today is from Armeena Khan.

Her instagram post is even more heart touching,

Yes she is personally going to meet the refugees and help them through Zakat & Sadaqaat. What else one could do in the blessed month of Ramadan.

This Syrian Girl Has A Message For Me & You

We all know that Muslim Ummah is like a human body. When a part of it gets hurt, the whole body feels the pain. But unfortunately that instinct is left in very few of Muslims. Very few feel the pain. Very few see the faces of Syrian children in their own children. Very few eyes get wet in their grief.

If we are not courageous enough to actually go and take our muslim brothers out of the misery, least we can do is, pray for them. Support those who are setting examples like Armeena Khan. May Allah help them.