Are You Interested in Making Some Extra Bucks from Home? Here’s the First Step to Take Start

With the increasing demands of modern age, most of us keep on looking for home-based earning opportunities. We know there are many options like writing, graphic designing, digital marketing, etc, but where to start?

There are a number of tutorials available online, although its not easy for the beginners to decide which tutorial to take. Also in many cases, people do not understand the tutorial.

In short, for all those who are confused about the starting point, DiGiSkills is an amazing platform initiated by the government of Pakistan. I have personally seen people getting lot of benefits through these courses and have successfully made their presence on all prominent freelancing platforms like fiverr, upwork, guru, etc.

Thus all the enthusiast who are interested in making an online career, should start polishing their skills through DiGiSkills.

A number of options are available for online courses, like  AutoCAD, WordPress, Creative Writing, SEO, Freelancing, Graphic Designing, Digital Literacy, Digital Marketing and many more. The best thing is that these courses are absolutely free of cost. And more amazingly the trainers are the best in their fields. Many of my friends did these courses by paying huge amounts of money, but DiGiSkills is providing this amazing opportunity absolutely free of cost.

How to start?

The singing in process is very simply and easy. Go to the website

  • choose the Sign up option.
  • complete the profile
  • choose the courses from the Proficiency/Interests options
  • and submit

An important guideline here is that sometimes you do not get the email verification code instantly, but the courses get saved once you complete the formality. So take it easy…

Freelancing course is a MUST for newbie for all valid reasons as it guides you about how to get on track of freelancing.

There are limited seats for the courses on the first come first get base. So hurry up!