Are American Garden Products Halal???

We were quite sad when we discovered that American Garden, a high quality, demanded brand is not halal.

However we have recently received an email from American Garden manufacturers which is indeed a good news that NOT ALL products are haram!

Many of you may simply ignore this post, considering it a rumour or um….not interesting. But all you Pakistanis out there, you need to open your eyes and realise what a serious issue it is….
Many of us tend to buy imported food without bothering to check it because it is a normal belief nowadays that everything available in a muslim country is halal...
However the sad truth is, that while local food may be halal, there are a lot of imported foods available in Pakistan which are not!!!
and American Garden happens to be one of them. Yes! a product which is easily available in supermarkets such as Al-Fatah, a product decorating restaurant tables and homemade food, a product widely used all over Pakistan……is not halal.
American garden halal
Commonly Used in Pakistan
Well don’t be too sad, the vinegar and mustard of this brand are still safe to consume, as the company stated in its email.
American Garden halal
Email Message TO American Garden
American Garden halal
Response From American Garden


american garden halal american garden

Before the bomb of this email exploded on me, I too was a big fan of this product and all those home cooks have my sympathies who (like me) were frequent American Garden users.
My dearest brothers and sisters, I know this is a great test, to throw away expensive sauces, jars and tins (which are haraam) and I hope you succeed in it.

In the Quran, Allah says

                                     O mankind!Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth, and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan. Verily, he is to you an open enemy.
Oh! And I have another message for all my sisters, I know how much girls like to hear praises and appreciation for their cooking and here I’ll let you in a secret….Alhumdulillah, my cooking is always and preferred and praised by people who get to enjoy it even though I don’t use any special ingredients or methods……..and you know what?
The only thing I do is that I always check (if they are halal) my ingredients before using them and thanks to Allah, my cooking and baking rarely turns out unpleasant.
So I assure you…as long as we obey Allah, nothing can go wrong!
To make things easy for you, I am sharing a few substitutes for American Garden products.
For the sauces, syrups, and tins, I use Rosmoor, Mitchells, Knorr, and Salmans, which are easily available brands.
To replace the spices and powders, I use Nature’s choice, which packs its high quality products in the United Arab Emirates.
So…..basically best of luck and may all of you continue to prosper and obey Allah!