April Fool PRANK by This News Channel Has Infuriated Social Media

I was going through my facebook notifications today, when I saw this video from a private news channel. Before watching this video, I had neutral impression of this news channel, but after watching it, I do not want to say anything because of anger.

We live on a land where people risk their lives to get free or cheap petrol. Yes I am referencing to the oil tanker incident when hundreds of people were burnt alive as they were trying to fill woks from the oil tanker. Here people sleep in mosques as wahan pankha to chal raha hoga. People go for umra and hajj and pray in front of Kaaba to bless us with pious leaders. We offer special nawafil to have a better and prosperous Pakistan.

The under privileged cannot afford medical treatment and hence sacrifice their lives. Some loose their loved ones in target killings, other loose their jaama poonji in robbery incidents.

News Anchors Fought During Bulletin

In a state like ours, such pathetic pranks should be condemned. Irony is, all that matters for our media channels is “ranking”. It does not matter that they are playing with public’s emotions.

April fool is not a religious obligation that should be followed by everyone. It was not at all needed by this channel to follow it and earn sawab.

PEMRA should take strict action against this channel. It is not a bachey ki shararat. It is about rights of common people and playing with their feelings.