Apple iPhone SE2 2018, new leaks, new design, Have a look!

News keeps on coming about Apple iPhone SE2 2018. Apple is in full mood to capture the market as much as it can, by introducing new budget phones with almost same feature as iPhone X.

Mac Otakara, a Apple’s leaker, who is predicting Apple’s plans since the iPhone 7 headphone jack removal. This time, Otakara is pretty sure that Apple will bring its best phone the iPhone X feature to the iPhone SE2 2018, the Bezel less design and Face ID in a up coming iPhone.

iPhone SE 2018
iPhone SE 2018 bezel-less display alongside a 4″ iPhone SE via mobilefun

Mac Otakara draws attention to the down side of this ambitious iPhone SE successor. Apple is not ready for the market until the second half of Q3. Which suggests that the second generation will start next to the iPhone X and the brand new iPhone X Plus.

One thing that coming to mind is rumors making the iPhone SE2 2018 and a budget model of the iPhone X into the same device.

Leaked photos of iPhone SE2

There are rumors in some circles that these are two different iPhones in Apple’s planning. The iPhone SE2 will be released next month in a 4 inch body same like to the iPhone SE. Where as the iPhone X SE will be a 6″ budget friendly phone alongside with the iPhone X and new iPhone X plus second gen.

In both cases, that is clear that Apple is gearing itself up to capture the maximum.

So, lets hope for the best!