2018: Year of New Futuristic Products by Apple

According to an estimate, Apple increased its number of new phones and computers in 2017, revealing that the company sold 322 million individual gadgets in its biggest year.

But it happened last year.

At the moment, Apple engineers, designers and marketers in Cupertino, California, are working on iPhones and iPads that will go on the market this year.

Apple will never comment on future products, but we can make a pretty good preview of what Apple can expect in 2018. Thanks to a strong ecosystem such as journalists, analysts and rumormongers. Of course, the release dates and details may vary.

In the current year, Apple drove the iPhone to the biggest redesign market. IPhone X lost a home button on behalf of a face recognition scanner and a near-edge display.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in 2018, Apple will bring this iPhone X design to other iPhone models.

In the November 2017 note, Apple predicted launching three new iPhone models this year.

One of the phones has a end-to-end LCD screen and TrueDepth face recognition, which costs between $ 649 and $ 749.

Kuo also said Apple believes that it works on a 6.5-inch iPhone with a bigger OLED display, like the iPhone X.

And Apple will probably add some innovations to the iPhone X as well.

We do not know when these new phones will go on the market, but in the last five years Apple announced new iPhones in September.

New iPad Pro equipped with face recognition.


It is also said that Apple is working on new iPads that take face recognition on the iPhone X and place it on a new tablet.

This redesign will remove the home button from the center and further reduce the size of the frames around the screen, according to Bloomberg.

However, it is unlikely that the redesigned iPad will have an excellent display quality and an OLED display with technology that is now used in Apple Watch and iPhone X.

Bloomberg said Apple could start the new iPad in the summer months.

When Apple offered the new iPad Pro models, the new stylus pen called Pencil will also be released, according to the Bloomberg report.


IPad Pro is an expensive version of Apple’s tablet.

The entry point is called “iPad” and is a smaller, lower version with a lower price tag to match: $ 329.

Apple only put the device on the market in 2017, but Asian electronic commerce sites estimate that Apple could launch a new cheaper model – perhaps $ 259.

Apple has released the low-cost iPad last spring, so expect to hit the market in the first half of 2018.

Since Apple Watch went on the market in 2015, Apple focused on changes – not on the overall design – wearable in its internal hardware and software.

But this year may change. Apple blogger John Gruber wrote last year that he had heard of an “all-new” design in Cupertino’s works.

And Apple is working to add additional health features such as an ECG heart monitor and perhaps a glucose sensor for diabetic monitoring and therapy.

Apple usually launches a new watch with the iPhone in September.

Number of products in waiting list to be released this year;

So, high five to Apple lovers!

  • A wireless charger for your iPhone called AirPower.
  • Improved AirPods.
  • HomePod, a big, expensive speaker with Siri.
  • New or refreshed Mac laptops.
  • A super-high end Mac Pro.
  • New software for iPhones and iPads.
  • New software for Macs.


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