Another Youth Murdered For Reasons Unknown #NaqeebMaseed

Many times we are into a situation, when we are out of words. Such was my feeling when I saw the pictures of Naqeeb Maseed today. I was thinking how handsome this guy is, and the “is” suddenly turned into “was” when I looked at the last picture.

Naqeeb Maseed

He is no more…

The youth belonged to FATA. According to his relatives, he was arrested by police forces from his shop one week ago. And then, his dead body is found today.

naqeeb maseed

Parents bring up their kids. They spend the time, love and money in them. They dream BIG about their children. When the kids get mature enough to give fruit to the parents of their efforts, some influential factors take their lives.

The parents then demand justice from Allah, as there no concept of justice on our land. Be it Shahzeb, Intezar or Naqeeb…