Another NEGATIVE POINT for Parwaz Hai Junoon- Copied Poster!

Parwaz hai Junoon is not released as yet, but it looks as if it is already there is lot of negativity about the movie.

Pakistanis’ love for Army based dramas is not hidden from anyone. Sunehrey din, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Dhuwaan and Aahan are all-time favourite. On same perspective, we all are waiting for Parwaz hai Junoon. There are lots of things that make it a must watch. Its amazing cast, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahad Raza Mir and Hania Amir. Then the movie writer is Farhat Ishtiaq who has already given us treat of some amazing drama serials like Humsafar and Udaari. And last but not the least, MD Productions.

However some things are not going in favour of movie. Like the initial controversy that might delayed the movie release, and now the photocopied freshly released poster. Yes, Parwaz Ha Junoon has recently released a poster featuring Kubra Khan,

Sadly this poster is the photocopy of Hollywood’s drama Letters to Juliet posters which was aired in 2011.


Ooh My Blog wrote a very witty tweet on it,

Parwaz hai junoon

Well I think team Parwaz Hai Junoon should have given chance to Pakistani graphic designers. The talented designers would have definitely come up with something extraordinary and innovative.