An Uber Driver Murdered in Bufferzone Area Karachi

A 50 year old Uber driver murdered in firing incident on Saturday night in the Bufferzone area of Karachi.

The Uber driver named Shahnawaz was retired employee of Pakistan International Airlines. Shahnawaz was shot dead in the jurisdiction of Taimuria Police Station. According to initial reports, the culprits shot Shahnawaz from the opened window of driving seat as the rest of windows were closed with no marks of bullets. It is also possible that someone from inside the car shot him. Shahnawaz was shot thrice with 9mm pistol.

Careem Driver killed in Rawalpindi 

So far Police has not come up with any satisfactory reason of killing as there are no evidences of robbery, thus it says that personal enmity could be a cause. Further investigations are being carried out.

The drivers of these ride hailing services are being killed every fifteen days or every week now. Sometimes it is Careem and sometimes Uber. Something should be done to ensure the security of these drivers.

With time, these services are growing rapidly. They have given immense comfort to the general public. But obviously someone’s life should not be the cause of our ease. May Allah give us peace and protection.