An App and Apple’s Watch saved a Man’s Life

We are all mortals. One day or the other, we like it or not, death takes its toll on us. However, sometimes miracles happen. One such miracle happened with James Green, a podcast producer, who lives in New York, would have almost died had his Apple watch not alerted him of changes in his heart beat.

An app called the Heartwatch that moniters heart rate throughout the day helped him take quick action. Green being a health freak was also cautious that something was not right. He has had pulmonary embolism previously. Hence when the app alarmed him, he rushed to the hospital where CT scan and some other tests revealed blood clots in his lungs which the doctors said could have been fatal.

Green tweeted thanking the app for saving his life even when his software was not updated on old Apple wrist watch.

When the app creator, David Walsh learnt of the incident he tweeted saying that he was humbled his app was saving lives. His father died of a heart problem which was rather sudden. This triggered him to create a health app in 2015 to reduce the risk of sudden health issues that could be timely monitored. When interviewed by the Telegraph, Walsh added that there is a new feature which enables people to share their health data with their doctors as well.