An Angel Came From No Where and Saved My Life!- Thank You Sweet Tooth For Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

We used to listen stories in childhood that Allah sends angels in face of humans to help people. However ever since I have grown up, I am witnessing people around who are extremely selfish, always concerned about personal interests and ready to take over others’ right through unfair means!

The angels, were a dream until I came across this story. Umer Hussain, owner of a renowned cafe shared this story about his team from Sweet Tooth Mushkpuri;

sweet toothsweet tooth

Most of us have a criteria when it comes to helping others. Before helping the other person, one ask these questions from himself;

1. Do I know him?

2. Would helping him harm me in any way?

3. Do I really have time for this social work?

4. How long would I take to help him?

5. Would I be able to earn a name by helping him?

6. Would the person be able to give me any benefit as a compensation for this help?

If any of the answer goes against our will, we keep ourselves miles away from helping others. In fact person who dare to help is called Bewaqoof. 

A Waiter at Qabail Restaurant “Died” Because of Customer’s Misbehaviour!

But then, people like Shaheen make us belief that Allah still sends his angels out of now where to help others and that too unconditionally!

sweet tooth
Shaheen from Sweet Tooth Mushkpuri

A leader can be an inspiration. Umer Husain himself never seize to amaze us, sometimes by helping and supporting the poor family sleeping at road side in bitterly cold nights, and sometimes by taking care of not only his employees but even their families. I feel its his leadership that inspires his workers as well to help others no matter what.