Amitabh Bachan Twitter Account is HACKED by a 17-year Old Pakistani! And Yes Pakistanis Have Soooo Many Jokes to Crack Now😂

The Kaun Baney Ga Crore Pati icon is getting real attention tonight in India and Pakistan as his twitter account is hacked. Amitabh’s profile picture is replaced by Imran Khan’s picture and the bio says that he loves Pakistan.



Unconfirmed reports say that a 17 year old Pakistani has hacked the account with help of Turkish hackers.

Amitabh Bachan
Via Twitter

Following the traditions, Pakistanis are busy in their duties, yes they are cracking some craziest jokes.


Jokes are Be-Maza Without MAJOR Adnan Sami


Explanation is MUST!


Kangana Ranaut Trolled Heavily in India Due to her Suer Hero Thoughts 

Just Check the Expressions!😅

This is BEST!!!!!!! 😆