Amir Khan Coming to Imran Khan’s Oath Taking Ceremony and Pakistanis Are Sooooo Excited

Whether governments like Imran Khan or not, celebrities love Imran Khan and we certainly have no doubt about it. Amir Khan committed IK in 2013 that he would come to Pakistan to celebrate his victory.

Imran Khan taking oath publicly at D-Chowk Islamabad 

Unfortunately IK did not win with this much clear victory as he has this time. BUT we Pakistanis never forget. We reminded Amir Khan his words, and YESSSSSS he is coming to Pakistan on 10th of August to attend the oath taking ceremony of Prime Minister Imran Khan.


So, it is obvious that Pakistanis are happy over the moon. Here are few reactions to Amir Khan coming to Pakistan

The ceremony is getting more and more exciting with every passing day. I wish that everything goes well, and Allah keeps our country safe and peaceful.