American Education, Opportunity or RISK? #SabikaSheikh

This morning we woke up with the sad news of Sabika Sheikh’s killing. The 17 year old Pakistani exchange student was one of the victims of  Santa Fe, Texas massacre. 

Sabika was in America and studying through Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) programme. She started the programme in August 2017.

Sabika had to return home on 9th of June, so as to celebrate Eid with her family.

Sabika’s family heard the news of shooting after Iftar on Friday. Since then they were trying to get in touch with Sabika but she was not responding. On 11PM (Friday night) they received the shocking news of her death through the consul-general in Houston Aisha Farooqi.

Sabika’s Friend George Lapadat said about her,

“She was young, vibrant, happy and super-excited to go back to her country. She was going to return in a few days. She has done an amazing job being an ambassador of her country here. She has volunteered in her community, she was involved in a lot of activities and she created a lot of lifelong friendships,” he wrote.

“When she left for this trip, she was supposed to be gone for 10 months… but now she is gone forever. And if this is not enough to prove that something is wrong and something needs to change, I don’t know what else would be,”

Another friend about her,

“She was representing, living an experience, a new beginning and a new life only a few could experience. She only had 18 days left until reuniting with her family and friends back home.”

Another friend from YES wrote about her, “Just about the beginning of Ramadan and a few weeks left until we all see our families we receive news about one of our very own Sabika Sheikh, an exchange student from Pakistan who died today morning in the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting.”

It is always a great honour, not for the student only, but for the family and for the country that someone is capable enough to qualify for exchange programmes. How brilliant would Sabika be… But she is no more among us. Her dismissal is not a loss for her family only, but for the whole country.  Today Pakistan has lost a talent name Sabika Sheikh.

After the repeated incidents of mass shooting, the question arrises, is America safe for education? I think No. Because it is becoming more of a routine now that after every few days we hear such sad news about their educational institutions. As parents, would you like to send your kids to US for studying? Please share your views in comments.

May we have peace on planet earth,