Elon Musk; Truly a Genius

We often hear stories about ‘nobodies’ becoming business giants one day. We take them as fantasies that can never happen in real life. However such stories, the real ones do exist around us. Elon Musk is one of such stories. He is an electrifying inspiration for many startups.

Elon Musk, 46, is the founder of Space X and Tesla Motors, however he first made his name as PayPal’s co-founder. His personality and work is so appealing that the famous Tony Stark (Hollywood character) got lot of inspiration from him. Many scenes of Iron Man 2 are shot in premises of Space X.



Sometimes a person has a spark in himself and his destiny takes him to highest levels of success.  Musk created his own computer game, Blaster, when he was just 12 years old and sold it for $500. He started his college at the age 17 at University of Pennsylvania and got in Stanford University for graduation. However just after two days he left Stanford for making his ways somewhere in world of internet.

He founded his very first company Zip2 right after leaving Stanford which was meant for providing online newspapers along with maps and other business directories. In 1999 he sold the company for $307 million. Then he put the foundations of PayPal in 1999 by establishing X.com that turned to PayPal.

Then he started Tesla Motors as a co-founder dealing in designing and manufacturing of electric sports cars and made ground breaking success thus outraging all other manufacturers. He is now Chief product architect and CEO at Tesla.

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He is also major share holder and a driving force behind his Cousins’ company SolarCity.

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Taking complete benefit of his luck and intelligence, he has also founded SpaceX that deals in space vehicles with special emphasis on rocket technology. In future, he is looking forward to discover human life beyond Earth by reducing space flight cost. SpaceX project was so unrealistic in the beginning that Musk invested all his money to make company a success. Now SpaceX is in contract with NASA worth $1.6 billion so as to resupply the International Space Station. Musk has lower down the expanse of reaching International Space Station by 90% which is a significant breakthrough. He also has ideas of space tourism though his Falcon rocket, which got its name as an inspiration from Star War’s Millennium Falcon.

As a commercial company, SpaceX is first in recovering a spacecraft from the orbit of Earth successfully. Also company’s Dragon spacecraft is pioneer in being attached to the International Space Station on commercial bases.

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Like a natural process, Musk projects witness failures as well. In spite of his remarkable success, both his companies Tesla Motors and SpaceX came very close o failing. Roadster, Tesla’s first electric car showed unavoidable production problems and SpaceX did three failed attempts of launch, the fourth one was finally a success though.

Musk Foundation is meant for exploring more about space and clean energy resources. The Foundation also operates a virtual Mars environment to give the visitors experience of life on Mars.

Musk is also known as ‘thrillionaire’ for being a high tech entrepreneur who uses his wealth to make his science fiction dreams to reality.

Musk is also of the view that he has founded Tesla and SolarCity to fight global warming and coming forward with a sustainable way of using energy.

Elon Musk is big name in tech and indeed a successful one, and on other hand he is one of members of Giving Pledge in which he has signed to donate most part of his wealth to philanthropic efforts.

Elon Musk has remain a significant personality and is highlighted in Esquire magazine, and also been rated as”Businessperson of the Year” by Fortunes. Also Musk is given the FAI Gold Space Medal by Federation Aronautique  Internationale for privately designing rockets to make way to orbit.


Musk latest venture is “Hyperloop” which is an innovative way of transportation through pressurized tubes.