“Allah Ke Bande” Stop Doing Kailash Kher Song Renditions

This time it is Allah ke bande song that  Zayn Malik decided to take by the horns. And indeed it was brave of him to continue with his attempts at rendition.

The rendition has gone so popular that if you type the song name, the first thing that comes up is Zayn Malik’s name with the song, not Kailash Kher’s!

The song coming out of Zayn Malik, it seemed like a  person high on something just felt like singing the  first song popping in his mind, as he nonchalantly sits by the street corner. But wait no, it is the former One Direction singer, popular for his own kind of songs.

Malik somehow goes on a ‘vibration’ mode when attempting to sing Indian songs. It is perhaps when he is trying to add raags and surr that things go wrong. What is really strange about this particular song is that Malik is changing the pitch of his voice.


Listen to the original Allah ke bande here

Jis ka kaam ussi ko saanjay like I said before too in a previous post here.

Give Kailash Kher a song by Malik and see if he can pull it off. I mean what is the big deal if Malik didn’t do justice to the original?

At the end of the day, Zayn Malik will be who is he; the heart throb of a million fans out there. And Kailash Kher will be the man with the powerful vocals. And what about us? Exactly! We will keep making these stars more popular.

So a big thank you to everyone who listens and watches these celebrities do all sorts of things, good or bad – increasing their popularity in this ever so competitive world.