Ali Moeen Nawazish-Talent of Pakistan

1. Scored 9 As in O Level with distinction in computer science.

2. First youth to make a world record of scoring 23 A Level subjects.

3. It takes a paragraph to even write down all the subjects he took in A Level.

4. He has received the President’s Award of Pride of Performance at a young age.

5. He has other awards to his name as well that include: Agha Hassan Abedi Gold Medal, PMA Gold Medal, and Nazriyati Pakistan Council Award.

6. A graduate from Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge.

7. Twenti3 group is owned by this youth. What started with something small has now expanded into different areas like IT, media, education, social services to contribute towards a better society.

8. Step Up Pakistan is another initiative. The organization focuses on education. The A Level Challenge is a free for all website aimed at helping students and teachers. Through this he arranges seminars, conferences and e-learning. It is a platform where students can ask academic questions.

9. AMN Schools is another project he started in 2012. The school currently consists of two branches in Islamabad.

The youth with a long list of accolades to his name is Ali Moeen Nawazish.

Ali Moeen Nawazish, Pakistani talent
Express Tribune Blog

Since he rose to fame with exceptional academic record, this youth has shown us all that we can still achieve a lot and come back to our homeland and do something productive. Today he runs his own projects related to academics. He writes columns for Jung News Group by name of Daur e Nau.

The country that can produce such talent should go a long way in the right direction. However, we keep getting stuck in the same vicious cycle of injustice, rape, murder, terrorism. The best argument for this is that things like this are a worldwide phenomenon. We can never have 100 percent ideal society. But the ratio of us producing healthy, intelligent and talented individuals like Ali Moeen Nawazish falls rather steeply when our crime and corruption rate exceed that of the positive things happening with no form of justice in sight. Our cases of corruption remain where they are, the culprit of Zainab roam freely, the murderers of youth like Naqeeb Mehsud cannot be held responsible for their act; because we have no answers to any of these injustices.

Pakistan produces young men and women with immense talent. Individuals like Nawazish with a long list of achievements is not only for us to get impressed with. Brilliance like this is a message for young and old Pakistanis to make your mark in your fields, excel in your domain, give back to your country positively. We have to grow amid the chaos.

You can visit his website for more detail, columns, projects

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