Akhuwat Foundation’s Heroes in Stockholm!

Heart touching personal experience of having so many fine people around me was truly a blessing. It was a cold rainy Saturday when the President of Akhuwat Foundation, Dr. Amjad Saqib, a fine TV actor and a political activist, Hamza Ali Abbasi were finally here in Stockholm, Sweden to talk about Akhuwat Foundation. I have been anxiously waiting for the big day to hear them, to talk to them and to have a great quality time. Trust me, the eloquence of talk was beyond my expectations.

Its been several times during the speeches of both our respectful guests, that I could not hold my tears and lost control.



Akhuwat Foundation's Heroes in Stockholm

Akhuwat is the World’s largest interest-free Microfinance Organization. Its literal translation, brotherhood derives its name from the Islamic concept of muwakhaat. Muwakhaat was the result of the citizens of Medina sharing their wealth and establishing a bond of brotherhood with the migrants of Mecca in 622 A.D. at the time of migration by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). Akhuwat is successfully running many programs including Microfinancing,  Clothes Bank, Education, Food Bank, Khwajasira Support Program and Health Clinic.

Nayyab Ali-A Successful Pakistani Transgender with a painful childhood 

I am really impressed with the public speaking skills of Dr. Amjad Saqib. His words directly mark on the mind and rule the heart.


When he tells about the heart-rending story of a woman how he knocks his door and seeks his help, it was like it is exactly happening now. He truly knows the art of story-telling. His selection of words, tone, accent, and choice of stories, all were taking the listener to the actual place and scenario.

Hamza Ali Abbasi shared his own heart’s voice which was so relevant to the discussion. Casually speaking without any note or prior rehearsal, he too had an impactful expression. He has adopted eleven children from the Akhuwat Foundation, helping them financially.


Hamza told that he was fond of having cars, increasing his wardrobe and what else. But with time, he realized that the more he has, the more he is answerable to Allah Almighty. And for that reason, he started to live a minimalistic life. Things become easier and simpler as soon as he changed his approach to living.

Feeling privileged to have Dr. Amjad’s books with their well wishes autographs.

Akhuwat Foundation's Heroes in Stockholm

Akhuwat Foundation's Heroes in Stockholm

Akhuwat Foundation's Heroes in Stockholm

Being a mom, it was an immense pleasure for me when both the respected guests carried my son into their laps for the group selfies 😊.

Akhuwat Foundation's Heroes in Stockholm

Akhuwat Foundation's Heroes in Stockholm

Thank you Sir Arif Kisana for organizing such humanity based events off and on which remind us about the true essence of life.

Akhuwat Foundation's Heroes in Stockholm

Thanks to Dr. Amjad Saqib and Hamza Ali Abbasi for coming here and enlightening us what wonderful services they are doing for the people. I would request all the readers to support such causes. Learn from them as humanity is above all. May we all become a helping hand, a source of happiness and ease for mankind. Ameen!

To find more about Akhuwat Foundation, you can visit its Web Page