Aerial Firing In Karachi By A Drunk Youth In Public

Ariel Firing in Karachi: Ariel firing is very common in Pakistan which unfortunately also results in many deaths. A similar case happened in Karachi on Friday night. Allegedly a  drunk youth started aerial firing in Karachi on Shahra-e-Faisal in public, Karachi.

aerial firing
Pakistan Point

Later a video of the same youth went viral online. In a further step of show of power and breaking law and order, the youth challenged the police to arrest him which is also recorded in the video.

He can be heard saying, “I am Adnan Pasha. If anyone has guts then compete me by opening fire on the same place.

Watch the video

The security personnel of the metropolis has not responded to this incident of aerial firing in Karachi . This leaves a big question mark on the performance of the authorities in making sure if safety and security measures are taken for peace in the city.

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