This Ad of Kissan Oil Setting New Saas-Bahu Goals

As the time is passing, the “typicality” of our society is changing. Considering the saas bahu relations, we still see typical mothers in law around us, but we also notice some different MILs who consider their daughters in law or bahus a HUMAN.

Cutest Saas-Bahu of Pakistan Showbiz

These mothers in law do not have sky high expectations from their bahus, and they do put their own daughters on their place as well. The recent TVC of Kissan Cooking Oil is one such example. Lets have a look at it.

There is a society trend that bahu has to be in ‘full time’ khushamad  mode towards her saas. It is absolutely fine because MIL (mother in law) is mother of husband and she should be happy with the bahu. But sometimes, when elders do such adorable things, or to be clearer, when saas does such loving act for her bahu, she sets new goals of love not only for her bahu, but for generations, and the chain of typical saas bahu hatred BREAKS.