Meet Aakif Azeem-An APS Attack Survivor

Team had an honor of having conversation of Aakif Azeem, a survivor of APS attack. On meeting him, we discovered that stars shine at night. After facing the attack and losing his very close friends, he got up from the traumatic incident strongly, and now working as a motivational speaker, trying to spread optimism around him.

Tell us about your current scenario. What are you doing these days, what have you achieved academically and your future endeavors?

Currently I am studying in SZABIST Islamabad doing my bachelors in Psychology and have started playing my role actively to motivate the youth of Pakistan back to the cordials and standards coined by Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I plan to continue working to my best of abilities to contribute in shaping the future of my beloved country. Using my academics and my experience both to help the youth tread the right path to serve this country.


How do you feel being part of APS?
To be honest, I am proud and sad at the same time. Proud because we got to do something for this country that helped us walk a path to ensure a better future for us and the future generations. Meanwhile saddened that the experience we have had shouldn’t be a part of any kid’s life for it changes so many things for you as a person and you can never be who you once where forever again.

APS attack


You have seen death so closely… Please comment.
This changes everything, for you realize the worth of every second of the life you have and gives you a new meaning and a direction. For me, this changed everything for it gave me a cause to live for and create an impact with what I have.


Do you feel Pakistan has learnt something from APS attack?
I think Pakistan has taken a new sense of direction after APS and has stood up for much more and that has been the most encouraging part of this incident. For many laid down their lives but we remained unclear so as to where we wanted to go and I guess even if it has cost me my friends at the very least it has set the right tone, though I regret that bodies were needed to motivate us to a clear policy but still we came about and I am happy that we did.


I still remember Raheel Sharif’s words right after the attack. He said ‘this time terrorists have attacked on our hearts”, and things speedup like never before… what would you like to say on that…
I mean they were not only words but more than that and we actually saw his words coming to life. I believe it was his strong commitment that led us into this new era and I hope that the foot he set in the right direction actually helps us find our balance in the world again.

APS attack


How do you see families of those who lose their loved ones in such heart crushing incidents?
I mean how do I even comment on this, all I can say is its them who lose everything that they hold close and yet have the courage to stand up for this flag and embrace it with even more love. For me that’s the true example of courage and patriotism for they are the true heroes of this Country and this nation.

We are thankful to Aakif for giving us time. I am sure we remember the incident with tears in our eyes, and prayers Allah help the affected families by giving patience…