A wish came true: Pakistan Truck Art is Finally in Sweden

If you have a dream, you can pursue it. A dream which is one of its own kind is seen by PICS team three years back. A dream to introduce and bring Pakistani culture in Sweden. In order to achieve it, PICS came up with an idea of an event by the name of Salam Pakistan once a year. The theme of the event changed every year but the purpose remains the same, i.e. to promote our culture.

The 2nd volume of Salam Pakistan in 2018 was focused on Truck Art. It got a massive response and appreciation from the community. After the successful event, PICS team formulated a Class 1 group members who are likeminded with a vision to bring Truck Art in Sweden too like almost all other parts of the world. It happened with the dedication and right direction of the PICS, that finally, we would be able to see the Pakistan Truck Art in Sweden too. It is indeed a proud moment for all Pakistanis living here in Sweden and also all around the globe.

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Phool Patti Organization plans to visit Sweden very soon. A lot of wonderful and exciting activities have been planning to make full use of the creative team. If you want to be a part of the wonderful experience, or want to know more about the possible new venture, contact us at [email protected]

Once again, Congrats, celebrate and be proud!