A Couple Just Made EVERYONE’s Life Easy By Actually Marrying SAADGI SE!

A bridal dress worth 3 lakhs, bridal make over of 1.5 lac, jewellery of 12 lakhs, thats the bride. Stage decor of 1 lakh, dinner 8 lakhs and hall rent is apart from it. Thats minimum amount parents of bride have to pay JUST for celebrating Barat ka function. Then comes the dowry. Furniture, dresses, shoes accessories, kitchen accessories, saas ka joora, sussar ka suit, nandein, dewar, mulazim, guard, driver, everyone!  Everyone has to be entertained by the parents of girl. I not am saying that everyone does it, but these are the minimum expectations.

Pakistani Weddings are Far More Than Just “Gee Qubool hai”

In a society like ours, where a boy (and his family) considers himself a lottery ticket to be cashed, Subhan Aslam CHANGED his VALUE. Rather cashing himself to receive millions from his in laws, he cashed himself to break stereotypes!

islamic weddings

Subhan and Sadia said NO to spending millions, went for a simple Nikkah in presence of friends and family. And thats it. No designer wears, no prolonged celebrations, no gilley shikway.

In fact, Yes to Giley Shikway. In a conversation with Sadia Subhan, she told team tubelight.pk that they were very criticised for having this simple wedding. But the couple did what they believed right.

islamic weddings

Here I would like to mention another thing. Subhan broke another stereotype by marrying a woman with a failed marriage and son. He faced immense social pressure, but nothing could take away his guts to go for right.

Sadia is criticised too, she received comments like, pehli shadi mei armaan poorey kr liye hoon ge, dosri to hoti hi simple hai. Being part of this society we can easily imagine other comments she would have faced.

The story is all over internet… Some people also said,

I feel, teer maara hai. Living in a country where more than half of the population is living below poverty line, its a trend to show off MAXIMUM on weddings, simple wedding is actually a teer. 

Three Qualities We Look For in our Spouse and Turn Marriage Into a Disaster 

Here when you asked someone to please spend lesser on weddings,  he will reply, aik dafa to shadi hoti hai, apney armaan poorey krney hain. Why don’t we think, aik dafa to shadi krni hai, chalo Allah ko raazi kr lete hain. 

Saadia Subhan was also criticised for her second marriage.

The comment reminds me Satti ki Rasm.  For those who do not know it, its a custom in Hindu culture that they burn the widow along with the dead husband. Alhamdullilah, our religion allows a woman to marry for the second if she is divorced or widow. When Allah has not forbidden a woman to marry for second time, who are we?

islamic weddings

Unfortunately, each and everyone of us is deen ka thaikedar. And irony is, very few understand the real soul of Islam, and we are not even interested in knowing it.

With a simple wedding and marrying a divorcee, the couple has settled an example for the whole society of creating ease for others. The wedding did not set goals of stunning bride, perfect couple, amazing arrangements, destination weddings! BUT for those with eyes and heart, the weeding has actually set examples of a Stunning Bride, Perfect Couple, Amazing Arrangements and the Real Destination Wedding.

For the first time, I feel it little unnecessary to wish the couple all the best, because the couple has contributed a lot in making this world a better place by creating ease for those who want to make Allah happy 🤗🙂… So I am sure Allah will always keep them happy and contented…

I wish more from us come forward to break such stupid taboos, find purposeful places to spend money and learn to avoid criticising things that are not unIslamic.