A 6-Year Old Punished in School Everyday for Applying Mehndi!

We often term kids as angels and flowers… Angels because they are so pious, free from dirt, innocent and harmless. Flowers because they spread smiles around them like fragrance.

Why is it important to take care Children’s Mental Health?

Parents and teachers are the two most important entities of their lives. These two can mould a kid to either perfectly mentally stable person that enjoys peace of mind all the time or they can turn him to a psychopath. Thats the prime reason, news like parents/teachers punishing kids go viral or social media like fire.

Today I read this heart breaking post of a father, who says,

The fathers says, ” I need your views.
My 6yr old daughter, student of Class 1 is being punished on daily basis due to henna (mehndi) color on her hands which she put on 11th Rabiul Awwal.

* No participation is assembly, she keeps standing the other side while the other students sit.
* Mental harassment by scolding her before joining the class
* No Breaks
* Daily notice verbally and on-diary both.

When she comes back to home, she doesn’t share with us and her face impression is totally change when we see the diary and she starts weeping that she don’t wanna go to school the same school next day.

I have no option to cut-off her hands from her body as I am unable to remove the henna from those small and sensitive hands.

Please suggest me what should I do?? I’m attaching a picture after second-day punishment and second time notice on her diary.

Note: This school is in Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi.”

Via Facebook

Seeing the picture, I am only able to focus on these tiny hands… The innocent girl just applied mehndi on her hands, like many little girls or even adults are fond of applying nail colors or menhdi. Here, nail polish is removable through nail polish removers, but mendhi! Like the father said he obviously can’t chop off her hands.

Rules are rules! I strongly agree to this fact. One can’t bring up a disciplined child without making him/her follow the rules. But bullying them to an extent that they get scared of a particular thing is simply insane.

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The school administration could have sent notice home, called her parents or given her warning. But torturing her is not acceptable.

Kids are actually very delicate… They should be handled with care…