5 ways Giving Impressive Interview

We all are aware of the fact that first impression is the last impression. This is true in most of the cases especially when you are meeting anyone for the first time, be it your job interview or your blind date. People generally never lose the influence of their first impression; therefore we have to be conscious about few things to imprint the everlasting positive first impression

Enter Room With Smile

Woman smiling
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Enter the room with smile. You should look happy at your first glance.

Eye Contact

eye contact
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Clasp the smile and make a proper eye contact with some or most of the crowd (depending upon the situation). Walk confidently not very fast and take your time. Then greet the crowd.

Hand Shake

Hand shaking
Business agreement handshake at coffee shop

Now make a firm handshake with an elegant smile.

Don’t Cover your Body with Arms

dont cover your body

Be conscious about few things while interacting. Do not cover your body with your hands and arms to show comfort. Your angle should be towards the person you are talking with, don’t lean or slouch.

Mirror the Movements

mirror movements

Mirror the movements of person you are talking with. It means that you should react as per the other person acts. This shows you are smart, interested and a good observant.