5 Street Food SnacksThat Everyone Should Try

How about we talk about some good old street food snacks today. It is always a good time to talk about food. That is what lifts us up, it is what keeps us going some days. Food is what makes Lahoris who we are; the food lovers. However, we are only going to touch upon some of the light, good old street food snacks.

Gol Gappay

Street food snacks
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These have to top the list now. How can one ever get over the love for gol gappay? It is that thing on the street food items that will never get out of fashion, no matter how many trendy new restaurants you go to. At the end of the day, who doesnt like enjoying a plate of some gol gappay dipped the khatta meeta sauce? Right, now I m majorly craving one myself too!

Nariyal Pani (Coconut water)

Street food snacks

Well it isn’t really the best time to have some Nariyal pani. But wait is there a right time for any thing your taste buds demand? When one thinks of coconut water, seaside and Karachi instantly come into picture. But there are  quite a few Narial pani walay on road sides in Lahore.

Shakarkandi (Sweet potatoes)


Who doesn’t like a little something warm in these winter nights. If you are for  shopping and happen to be in Karim block or Liberty market, you are bound to come across the shakarkandi  walas. Do not miss out on a plate of some sweet potatoes with chaat masala and some lime juice on top.

Fresh Juices and Shakes (Iceland)

street food snacks

Iceland is now a famous street food shop. Now available in more variety, there is plenty of choice for the customers. Apart from the regular ones,  Khajur (date) shake is definitely worth a try.

Bhonay Chanay/ Chali

street foods
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Dry fruit always comes to the rescue in foggy winter nights. And you are not too far if you are fond of some bhonay kalay chanay, or lose chali or just the chali/sitta wala. If you are out shopping these winters, stop by some good old chanay walay bhai, and get your favourite bhonay chanay, or bhonay hoay chali. A perfect appetizer if you plan on a proper dinner at a fancy restaurant later on.

Many of you might have become nostalgic thinking of your university days going through the above. What is student life if you haven’t tried all or at least any one of the above street food snacks? And if you haven’t, god forbid, then it’s never too late to try new things, right? 😉

Now if we have missed out on any other street food snacks, share them down below.

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