5 Reasons Why Allahyar And The Legend Of Markhor is a MUST Watch

This post will be highly biased solely because even as an adult I love watching animated movies over romantic ones. Then this year we were all greeted with this amazing news and trailers of this animated movie which looked promising. Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor is a treat and a good start for animated movies.

After watching it only this weekend I knew I would compile a few reasons as to why we  should not skip on this one.

1. Made in Pakistan

Allahyar and legend of Markhor
Via Blush.com

It is our own production, it is our very own Pakistani computer animated film ever! We have enjoyed many entertaining animation from Pixar and Disney. It is time we make way for this one. I have longed so long for us to create films for children. And this is it guys! Please take your children for this amazing effort. We have all made our kids dance on hideus Indian item numbers like Munni badnam and Jalebi, so let us clean their minds with something fresher and more child friendly.

2. Local Story line

Allahyar and legend of markhor

It is a story from our very own roots. The story is not inspired by Hollywood or Bollywood. We have shown our very own Markhor, Chakaur, Snow Leopard and the abundant scenic beauty.

3. In our beautiful language

allahyar and the legend of markhor



It is in Urdu. Ah what a breath of fresh air! This movie is reaching out to everyone. Yes not everyone can afford a Rs 500 ticket but most of our children are not fluent in English at young ages. Okay if your kid is fur fur in English, don’t take offense, I m sure they still can’t catch every word in an English film. Unfortunately if they weak in Urdu as they are privileged enough to be studying in an English school, this is a good opportunity to get familiar with Urdu. Those who don’t understand English it is great.  A win win for us all Pakistanis.

4. It is funny

Allahyar and legend of markhor

You will get quite a few good laughs from Allahyar and his friends. The character of Chakaur keeps everyone’s spirits up. Even the villains in the movie do not fail to make you laugh.

5. It has a message

Allahyar and legend of markhor
Via Tribune

It teaches our children about some of our endangered species, it has a lesson without getting preachy. It sheds light on illegal hunting, loving animals, not judging others based on race and colour, being brave and courageous.