5 Lessons Parents Should Teach Kids About Accepting FAILURE

Teach Kids about Accepting Failure: Times are tough now and parenting is even tougher. We want our kids to have everything that we as kids yearned for. We want them to go to the best schools, learn all the skills required to survive in the competitive world out there. They need to be good readers and consequentially better writers…proficient communicators, tech-savvy, upbeat , good at sports math geniuses, street smart,  well groomed with impressive personalities and more.

Yes when it comes to our next generation….their upbringing and nurturing …we want it ALL!!!!In this rat race the focus is on winning, competing and achieving.. .In the fast-paced world today we need to take a step back and guide our kids to become adults who are responsible and know how to deal with the failure and the disappointments that real life brings along. Below are some of the ways to help our kids embrace failure.

Set achievable targets

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Everybody cannot win at everything and kids need to develop a sense of purpose.  We need to define what success actually means and it definitely doesn’t mean to WIN. Instead of telling the child that he has to WIN a particular competition or come top of his class explain to him that he needs to make efforts to achieve his goals like learning to read or speaking in front of an audience.

Highlight the learning process

We need to develop learners and not winners. And learning is a process not an outcome. This learning process is a bumpy ride. It has its highs and lows. Going through the process is more important than succeeding at it.

Do not undermine failure

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Failure is part of the learning process and they need to learn to pick themselves up after a failure. Honesty and integrity are far more important than employing unethical means to win at something. If they fail at something it means that they made efforts .If they put in their hundred percent then winning or losing is not a concern.



Be patient when they become disheartened with their failure. Listen to them and empathise. Do not brush away their emotions as inconsequential or “koi baat nahi” (its ok, leave it). Tell them how you once lost at a game of cricket and felt bad about it. How in the long run it made you a better person.

Do not fight their battles for them

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Let them be accountable for their own actions and go through their own highs and lows. Let a child learn to be himself and conquer his own demons. Don’t do their homework or projects for them or drop in a word with the teacher to give your child that coveted role in the school play.

Lets hope for a future generation of well balanced individuals who know how true to harness life’s letdowns into positive energy to make the world a better place to live.

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