“48 Megapixel Phones” On The Way!

Earlier thus year, Samsung and Sony announced 48 megapixel sensors fo their upcoming smartphones. Thus everyone was waiting for the huge pixel counts. Recently Honor has announced View 20 that has amazing specs! View 20 is using Sony’s IMX586 sensor along with Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor. Furthermore View 20 has the same camera as that of Huawei’s Nova 4 (which is hitting the market very soon).

View 20 is the latest model of the budget phone range View 10. More details on Honor View 20 are yet to come. It is evident that View 20 will be a stronger competitor as compared to View 10.

Reports also say that Xiaomi is going to release 48 megapixel smartphone sometime soon.  Lin Bin, the co founder of company posted a picture of upcoming set, yet unidentified smartphone on Weibo. The only mentioned feature is its giant 48megapixel.

48 megapixel

Samsung and Sony are also making claims about their outstanding sensors. They say they have tiny 0.8µm pixels, But the sensors are larger than their competitors with a sizeof 1/2.0 inches. Companies further claim that individual pixel can produce 12 megapixel by grasping information from neighbours with 1.6µm pixels. iPhone XS and Pixel 3 has 12megapixel sensor with1.4µm pixels.

Lets see the claims are actually true or not!