Five Types of Cricket Lovers

PSL 2018 has started. And once again, cricket fans are on high alert to look for the team composition and match schedule. Speculations are going on, and will remain till the PSL ends or even later. After seeing the severity of the hot topic, we decided to discuss the types of cricket fans that exist nearby us. I believe that you will soon discover who is who among your peers.

1. Tum jeeto ya haaro, suno- humen tumse piyaar hai

The Die-Hard Fans are the most dedicated supporters. Whether it be a Twenty 20 match, a test match or even a domestic or international game, if the series has been won or it’s almost certain that the game will be washed out, the diehard will battle all elements to ensure they are there. They stay with the sinking ship and watch the match till the end irrespective of the consequences they have to bear.

cricket lovers
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2. Full-time Advisor

During cricket season, some people opt a part-time job to be a full-time advisor. They are extremely opinionated and have a view on everything from a selection board to the venue chosen – each ball bowled, shot played, pitch conditions, weather, and the list is endless.

cricket lovers
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3. Angry Birds

Hot-headed fans who can’t control over their emotions, and lose the temper too soon fall into this category. Watching the game with them is sure to grab some complaints from your neighbors and you might want to keep the remote or anything valuable aside. “Ye kia krwa rha hai bhyiii”, “aaj phir run out”, “ye hmesha aese hi krta hai”, such people are ready to burst at the moment some unpleasant incident occurs.

cricket lovers
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 4. Camera ki aankh aapko dekh rhi hai

They are those live spectators who are more interested to see themselves in the big screens rather than the game. The moment camera turns to you to cover a live spectator, your mood is altogether changed, you become fully boosted, supportive and energetic although if you are already tired or bored. All your boredom or tiredness goes in air when you are on air.

cricket lovers

 5. Miracle Seekers

There are cricket fans who believe in divine intervention. “Ya Allah is baar match jeeta dy, aaenda me kbhi match nhi dekhungi”, “Agar aaj Hafeez ki century hogai, me 100 nafal prhun ga” type of people who conditions Allah’s help on each and every cricket act with if and then statements.

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Comment below to let us know which type of cricket fan are you. Not to mention, one person may belong to more than one category. And also, there would definitely be more categories than mentioned. We would love to know your type.

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