Is Zara’s Lunghi Inspiration from Pakistan?

Zara’s lunghi style skirts are highlighted nowadays. Whether it’s an Indian, Pakistani, Irish or Bengali inspiration, Zara often launches some hilarious collection.

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Its 2016 launch of patched shirts is not so old, which also gained a lot of limelight in media. Even some Bollywood actors tweeted about Zara’s those shirts in a hilarious way:

Also, ripped jeans are so common. The young generation is almost mad about that fashion fad. Like ripped jeans fashion, Zara might be hoping to achieve same success or high sale records with its new skirt design.

via Zara Ireland

Or it might be a classic example of “World Champion syndrome”. Where a brand thinks that if its one launch/brand or product line is successful in one part of this world, it would definitely get a success in other regions too. But it might not be the case. Factors like local adaptations, customer preferences, and geographical locations are mandatory to keep in mind to design a particular product for a particular region.

It is an undeniable fact that in Fashion World, a brand has to keep on launching a new collection to keep itself in a market and to continuously display a fresh stock to customers. But what would be the effect of its serious and regular customers on such launches? Does Zara really care its customers? Do you think it’s Zara’s marketing gimmick to be in news by the production of such limited stock? Or are they actually thinking to make huge profits out of this product?

Whether a hit or flop, an original or copied, multinational giants like ZARA are financially stable enough to cover the losses from one region or product line by huge profit gains from another hit or evergreen products. Thus, the fashion comes and goes…