Bad At Maths In School? You Might Be A GENIUS

For students who dreaded math class more than anything and often ended up flunking their math tests, there might be some good news.

Turns out, according to recent studies, you could be a genius and you just don’t know it!

Elsbeth Stern, a professor at the Zurich Technical University, argues that math is a fundamental human ability. She says, “In the case of mathematics it is entirely plausible that nature has equipped human beings with intuitive number knowledge and sensitivity for magnitude.”



Role of Teachers

Stern blames not the students, but the incompetency of teachers when it comes to bad math grades. However there are exceptions to the argument. Exceptions are in the case of learning disabilities such as dyscalculia.

She goes on to condemn the education system. Further saying that it is the reason why children who could excel at mathematics are failing to do so, adding:

“A serious lack of conceptual understanding remains, as even the most intelligent students often cannot transfer the insights. They should have gained to problems that differ from those dealt with in the classroom.”

Moreover, children who have had exposure to mathematics at earlier ages are expected to excel at school tests. Meanwhile, children who have not received this facility are discouraged into believing that they are not capable of doing mathematics. Hence, lose all confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Believing yourself to be a bad mathematician, therefore, can turn you into one. Research, however, states that it is hard work and not natural ability that determines ones’ mathematical aptitude.

Bad at maths
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A five-year study on mathematical achievement in 3,520 students concluded that motivated and hardworking students excelled more at mathematics than naturally smart ones.

So, it is entirely possible that you are a mathematical genius who has been held back by the education system, inept teachers, or your own lack of self-belief!

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