5 Struggles Of A Bearded Man


With great beard comes great responsibility

Keeping a beard is really cool and makes a man look hotter but surely no one has ever told you what you have to go through if you are a man with beard?

So here are 5 main problems that only a bearded guy can understand.

  1. Beard Maintenance

 bearded man

Beard maintenance is one hell of a task. Men with long beard take more time to style their beard than their hair. There can be dandruff in your beard too.

2. Food in the beard

Bearded man

Eating out and especially big meals like burgers, biryani, and cakes can be disastrous. You cannot eat in peace if you are eating out because you are constantly worried that something is in your beard. But still, no matter how hard you try there will be some food in your beard. There will be more leftovers in your beard than in your plate.

3. Mummy issues

bearded man


Your mother always asks you to trim your beard because you look like a ‘jungli otherwise she won’t talk to you or trim it herself. Some parents think that you are in a state of depression like you had a break up or you are low in life if you have a long beard.

4. Hair in mouth

bearded man
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It feels terrible and it tastes terrible too. Especially when you sleep with your mouth wide open. YUCK!!

5. Kids like to play with it

 bearded man

Little kids somehow find your beard interesting and want to play with it and also call you irritating names. They just love to run their fingers through your beard and you feel like their pet.