Excessive Gaming is now becoming a Mental Disorder

  1. The beta draft of the International manual of diseases was made public last week and the gaming community, which is a lot bigger than one may think, was appalled by the inclusion of a mental health condition called “Gaming Disorder”. According to the surveys conducted in USA, Canada and UK only 2 to 3 percent of the people surveyed appeared to have 50 percent of the symptoms. The results of these surveys beg the question whether gaming disorder is a real problem or not. There is no denying the fact that excessive indulgence in any activity is in itself an issue, no one knows when weight watching turns into bulimia or when your sweet tooth leads you to morbid obesity, but I digress.

This disorder comes under the category of “disorders due to substance use or addictive behaviors”. The surprising thing is that this category also includes “Gambling Disorder “. The draft has not been finalized yet and there is a high probability of WHO (World Health Organization) axing it. Over the years same things have come up, “Internet Gaming Disorder” was proposed a few years ago but was shut down because there was no substantial evidence supporting it. Psychiatrists believe that gaming is more like a coping mechanism and is not that big an issue. There is a plethora of people that have taken gaming as a profession and are earning tons of money as compared to the people who are “normal” per se.

Games like Grand Theft Auto have been linked to a heightened desire for violence in children. Over the years the game has been sued for more than 1 billion dollars combined. There is no denying the fact that gaming is addictive but “Gaming Disorder” being a real thing still seems far-fetched even in this day and age.