get paid for travelling
By:Mubeshra Pracha-February 18, 2018Who doesn't like traveling? Everyone wishes to travel the world. Traveling however remains to be out
By:Mubeshra Pracha-February 18, 2018A study carried out in the US reveal that taking pain killers above recommended dose can have advers
By:Mubeshra Pracha-February 17, 2018Samsung will now be making a patent of measuring blood pressure in our smartwatches!  As we are
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By:Mubeshra Pracha-February 17, 2018Our very own favorite Bulbulay's Khubsurat was in New York attending the New York Fashion Week as th
Bug can crash iPhone
By:Sana Usman-February 16, 2018Before 2017 ended, Apple had an unlucky week of software issues, and apparently 2018 is not making a
By:Mubeshra Pracha-February 16, 2018Every now and then we read about ways to keep your marriage on the right track. However, being in ma