20 Rupees Sadqa Campaign of SKMCH & RC

I am a 20 Rupees note. People normally don’t treat me well. They don’t like me much. I sometimes hear people saying during their conversation, “What we can get from 20 Rupees? nothing”.  Another saying, “Yes, you are absolutely right, it is such a useless piece of paper.”

You normally find me in people’s pockets, or wallets placed so ruthlessly with many folds. But it is not like nobody loves me. There are many people for whom I am important. Who treat me not only well, but give me respect like my siblings (Rs. 50 and Rs. 100) and parents (Rs. 1000).

I am very much famous and dear to children. They like me a lot. They keep me with great care like my parents do. Children use me sometimes in exchange for ice creams, or fries. I am also very dear to street vendors. They look at me with affection. I am also favorite of China markets, where they place a wide range of things and put my name on them.

I travel a lot. Because I have to travel. I am born to be in the hands of different people at different places. But do you know which is my favorite place nowadays? I like to be used for the construction and extension projects for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. It gives me immense pleasure, that me, myself who is nothing in the eyes of many, could actually be utilized for such a noble cause. Am I? Really? Did I hear right? Are my eyes working properly? Is it my name written on the billboards? Am I of that much worth? Seriously? I can’t believe it.

20 Rupees
via SKMCH FB page

Now I can proud of myself. My confidence is raised to a great extent when I came to know that YES, I AM POWERFUL. I am so powerful that I can make or break the difference.

Thankyou Shaukat Khanum for trusting me. I’ll prove my power. I ask my friends to come with me, to support the cause. And show your power.

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