15 Hilarious Benefits of NOT Having Maid

Banda Zaleel ho gaya hai kaam kr kr ke… In k Nakhrey hi Khatam nai hotey… Gand Daal Gai hain… Jo Marzi kr lo, Khush nai hoteen ye…Zara khud na dekho to ye haal ho jaata hai cheezoon ka… Etc etc

These are the common sentences women generally say about maids. And I am sure thats more or less it is kahani her ghar ki. More than half of the woman population in Pakistan keep on discussing maids even if they are out at a candle light dinner with husbands😁… Kuch hawa hi aisi hai… 

However when I am deeply and madly into house chores myself, I figure out some amazingly hilarious YET true benefits of NOT having a maid.

1. No Saas-Bahu Jhagras

When there is no maid, Bahu has to do all her chores herself, and so does the saas. Therefore they hardly find any time to fight with each other.

maid issues

This ad is setting new Saas-Bahu Goals

2. No lambi lambi Phone Calls

As there is no ample time, so saas hardly finds time to communicate with her daughters. Similarly bahu do not get fresh lessons of fitna from her mother. Thus both entities stay in peace.

maid issues
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3. Khali Dimagh Shaitaan Ka Ghar

SINCE the house woman is busy all time, thus she gets no time for scheming and plotting. The home becomes Jannat for everyone…

maid problems

4. TV se Douri

I must admit, there are number of purposeful Pakistani dramas these days. Being a patriotic Pakistani, I am not going to criticise any Pakistani drama. HOWEVER I am strongly against Indian dramas. They are nothing but a pure source of depression. Their Dhen Dhen and unnecessary moves of camera can easily make a woman Psychopath. Thus no maid is directly proportional to no time, and so,,, no TV.

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5. Social Media se Bachao

UFF Social Media these days!!! Achi Khaasi Marriage Life ki band baja deta hai!!! 

maid problems

a. She and her husband are always posting happy lovy dovy pictures on instagram, which clearly means they have no tension in life.

b. OMG look at her dress!!! So expensive and beautiful 😱…

c. Hayei kitni ameer hai ye…

d. They dine out every second day.

e. Koi shehr ka hotel nai chora inhoon ne!!!

f. They go abroad for vacations every year!!! Mera husband to kabhi Murree se aagey nai le k gaya!

and lot more…

In short, social media these days is all set to give you depression of ‘not haves’. Thus no maid, no depression, and ‘yes’ to shuker guzari 🤓

6. Bachoon pe Pyar

Thats strange but true. When you are so tired after working the whole day, and your kid just serve you a glass of water, you feel yourself in heaven and start loving your kid all over again. Before that you only love your maid, lol 😁maid problems

Via CafeMom

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7. Ghar Saaf Suthra

When you know that there is no one to clean your house except yourself, you deliberately make an effort to keep your house clean. Thus you avoid mess at  first to avoid clearing it…

maid problems
Via Heartfeltcleaning

8. Husband Finally Finds the Sugher version of Wife

When you have maid, she is responsible for everything. For instance, when husband says dusting theek nai hoi, you say maid blkl achi ai hai . However when you don’t have maid, you have to do everything yourself, and try to do it as best as possible. So the husband sees your sugher version.

maid problems

9. Nazar se Bacho

This is simply amazing, or I should better say ‘out of this world’. These days when a woman visits her relatives, rather envying their beautiful house, cultured kids or healthy husband-wife relationship, she is envious of their maids! So no maid, no problem of nazar lag jaana 😅

10. Quality Conversations with Relatives

maid problems

These days it is hardest to sit in company of typical housewives. Initially the most discussed topics were lawn k joorey. I used to consider that the most annoying topic, but I was wrong. Without any doubt, ‘maid and no maid topic’ has the award of being the most annoying.

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11. Husband ki Qadar

When we have maids, our life is settled. Or at least we think that our life is settled. Even if the husbands takes you out for an ice cream, the woman thinks, kia hai, acha tha ghar mei baith k maid k haath ki chai peeti. BUT when there is no maid, forget about tea, if the husband takes the towel himself, he becomes the best husband ever!

12. Monetary Benefits

maid problems

Most importantly! not having a maid means you are saving at least 10K (although thats not the rate these days) every month. You can spend it at many departments, like for a woman the most attractive area of spending is getting designer lawn suit 😆

13. A “Peaceful” Home

maid problems

No never ending backbiting of maid and her family, no chakh chakh and bak bak. You are not yelling at the top of your throat to gain attention of your maid. In short, your home becomes a jannat ki tasweer. 

14. Bachoon ki Tarbiyat

maid probems

Even kids know that they have to polish their shoes themselves. They have to actually go to the kitchen themselves to get a glass of water. In fact, with no-maid situation, mothers would be serving their kids themselves. Otherwise I find the situation very funny when women give mineral water to kids but from the hands of maids…

15. A Perfect Work Out

maid problems

To all the diet conscious women who want to stay active and young throughout their life, doing ghar ki safai is a perfect work out! So stop paying your dieticians and gym instructors and start poocha/taaki today!