12 WhatsApp Features You Surely Won’t Know About:

The WhatsApp, a little “green squared” messaging app is the most popular one among all the other socially connecting apps. This one is the most used one because it is simple and easiest to use even by the “text-phobic” ones. Here are 12 incredibly important and useful features of “WhatsApp” you probably won’t know about

1-Emoji Searching:
wats app
Via Tming

There are too many emojis to select from. Choosing the  correct one for the right moment is no longer an easy job. The matter is simplified by WhatsApp, now one can find an emoji on the basis of a whole word or a little picture from the “emoji tab”

The emoji search option is right now available exclusively in the beta-version but we hopefully would not have to wait long till it becomes accessible for everyone.

2-Mute Group Chats

wats app

The most helpful feature saves you from checking the notifications from some irritating groups more often. Open the group, click the Group Info, and here it is, mute the conversation for 8 hours, a week or even a year!!

3-Simplified Editing Of The Text:

All you need to do is select the text you need to edit, tap the three dotted icons in the toolbar and do the desired formatting!


4-View The Exact Timing The Message Was Read:

wats app

You must be staring continuously to see the blue ticks showing the message as read. Not anymore.

Press and hold down on the message you have sent. Click “Info”, it will show you the exact time on which the message was read.

5-Save data:

Additional data purchasing is actually pricey.

Here is the idea!!

Go to” settings”>”Data Usage”>”Media Auto Download”. Tap “When using mobile data”

6-Make People Feel “Really” Special:

You can now send many people a message they will think only sent to them exclusively. By sending a “broadcast” message on WhatsApp you “bcc” multiple people the same text” the message will appear to them as specially, secretively sent to them.

Go to the “Chats” screen>”Menu”>”New Broadcast”.

Add the recipients, tap Done and here it is!

7-Star important messages:

To star an important message for future reference, double tap and then tap the star icon.

wats app

8-Avoiding Camera Roll incidents:

You can now stop auto-download of photos and other media by turning off “Save incoming Media” in chat settings.

9-Finding Old Group Chats:

No worries, you can now find pretty old group conversations by simply tapping the name of any individual involved in the conversation and examine the groups in common.

10-Pin your favorite chats at the “top”;

All you need to do is press and hold on a chat, the pin option will appear, press that option to ensure that the chat stays on the top!

11-A Reminder To Reply:

To mark a chat, as unread, i0S users should swipe and android ones need to long press to mark it as unread. This will produce a blue/green dot to mark  the chat to be notified.

12-Use WhatsApp Separately On Your Computer:

You just need to go on the Setting in the app and then “Whats app web visit”. Log on to web.whatsapp.com.

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